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Nail art is taking over the world. Now I am aware that statement is a little late and most people already know about how crazy people are going for nail art. I have been into it since as long as I can remember and have FINALLY started to perfect the art (even though sometimes I still suck!) and I have done some manis that I am pretty damn proud of.

This post is going to be a whole hullaboo jumble of nail art goodness, or as I call it #nailporn.

I’m going to share some of my favourite manicures that I have done as well as share some links to other AMAZING local and international nail artists.

As a bonus I’m going to share the sites where I get all my tools from – be aware that in some cases you do need to be either a registered nail technician or beauty therapist to buy from the site.

So lets get it started!



So here is the info on the artists I promised!


Sarah is seriously the with nails! I have never found someone that I love each and every design that they do.




And here we have another Sarah. I found Sarah through Pinterest. Her designs continued to pop up in my feed as well as I would have clients bring in her photos as inspiration. Her work is awesome and her tutorials are so easy to follow and understand.




Sammy is one of the first nail artists I ever followed. I love the simple and clean looks she does that look so stunning. I love her work and think she is such an inspiration.




Jessie is one of my faves to watch, being a fellow NZer of course is a perk! She has a clear passion for nail art and it shows in her work. I love watching her tutorials and even her other videos – I find her funny and adorable! Jessie has such an unbelievable talent and can show it through simple or REALLY complicated designs.




Emma does the cutest nails and I LOOOVE all the cute designs she comes up with – plus her phone cases are adorable! If you like themed nails and artists that work with brands, then Emma is a must look!




DollFace Beauty Hub –

Manicures by Melody –

Room for Beauty –



Salina –

Margarita –

Brittany –

Chaun –

Kyleigh –

Nicola –

Lani –


And here are some useful links to where I get my supplies!

This is where I get the majority of my nail art supplies from and my favourite nail art brushes EVER! It is one of the cheapest sites I have seen other than TradeMe but be prepared for a decent wait for them to arrive. My orders usually take between 2-4 weeks to arrive. But shipping isn’t too bad so I find it is worth it, just need to be organised and restock before you run out!


Keep in mind that some supplies only carry one or two things that I personally use but its best to have a look through and decide what will work best for you. When looking at purchasing things such as UV/LED lamps and other quite expensive equipment, please do your research first. There are certain things like diamantes and nail jewels that you can buy on the cheaper scale and it matters less where it comes from but if it is a product you are needing to be durable then quality and a reputable seller is recommended.

The internet is an amazing thing so if you are looking for something in particular – just Google it 🙂

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