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    20 Books in 20 Weeks

    I love that feeling when I read a book. That feeling of entering into another world where anything is possible. I could be a detective solving a crime, a vampire in a crazy new world or a woman in the 60’s telling me how life was. Books take me to a place where I can escape and dream of a different world.

    I have always been a bookworm, since a very young age I spent many afternoons with my nose in a book, reading the night away. I think it is something that me and both of my sisters inherited from our parents. We never had to look far to find a book to read. Even now with us all being adults we still talk and recommend books to each other, even borrowing when necessary.

    I have so many good memories when it comes to books. Late nights with the lamp on, listening intently to any sound in case mum or dad got up and told me to go to sleep. The argument over the order of who got to read the new Harry Potter book first. And of course, the endless scribble in the front pages of a book to lay claim and make sure that if any sibling borrowed it they knew it was yours.

    And now with technology being so advanced you don’t even have to go to a bookstore or a library to find a good read. Kindles and iBooks, even Audiobooks have taken reading and made it much easier. Now I will always prefer the real paperback book in my hands, but living in the Philippines and not having a tonne of bookshelf space, my handy dandy Kindle really is my best friend.

    I have decided to set myself the challenge of reading 20 books in 20 weeks, which should be easy (I hope). I’ll list the books I am going to read below and I’ll give a bit of a review of each book as I read them.

    The Books

    If you feel like you can meet the challenge, set yourself 20 books to read in 20 weeks, or read the same ones as me!

    Stay tuned,

    Kirsten xx

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